Carpet Repair Servcies for Arizona

Carpet repairs: Before we started love cleaning services we used to install carpet so all our technicians have been trained to be able to stretch or power stretch loose carpet, we can cut and patch permanent stains or patch in holes in carpet. we can redo entry ways that have come apart or loosened up, basically there is not a carpet repair we cannot handle.

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All of our technicians are required to wear our company shirts and hat. We include this information so you will know we consider professionalism to be an important part of the package we provide.


Each technician is expertly trained to be knowledgeable with our systems, techniques and chemicals. Note: we have very little turnover, which says a lot about our company and industry.


All technicians are certified in water restoration, suicide / homicide clean up along with carpet cleaning and repairs. Each technician reports to Christian and Angela every morning to get their schedule, stock up their vans for the days work load and to understand any special instruction or time requirement any communities might request. We assure you that we are a well-structured and well-managed company.


As you review our price list, please note that we are available to inspect any units when the communities are not sure if the carpet can be salvaged. We are confident that we can save you money on your replacements with the different services we provide. If we say that we can save it and the community is not fully satisfied with the end product charges on that unit will be waived.


Love Cleaning Services has been providing unprecedented customer service in Arizona for the past 17 years. We proudly service Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria and all surrounding cities. At Love Cleaning Services our professional carpet technicians are highly experienced and have the knowledge and skills necessary to address all of your carpet needs. Thinking there's no way to salvage your carpets or that yours is too far gone? Guess again! Our trained experts know exactly what repairs are needed to transform your carpet back to its former glory saving you TIME and MONEY!!


Here are some of the most common repairs we offer:


  • Power stretching - Eliminates large wrinkles and ripples in carpets.
  • Knee kicking - is a method of stretching small loose areas.
  • Seam repair and new seam installation - addresses fraying seams
  • Patching - is a technique used to repair permanent stains or irremovable pet damage.
  • Tack strip, Z bar or reducer strip - to repair entryways.
  • Full dye – is a process to repair carpets with excessive bleach damage or fiber discoloration, or as a way to correct even the heaviest traffic ways to bring back the carpets liveliness with a nice even color.
  • Spot dye - corrects small bleach spots and discoloration.
  • Pet odor removal, sub-floor cleaning and sealing - these are services we offer to address your pet odor and damage needs.
  • Carpet pad removal and reinstallation - to fix pet odor or water damage.
  • Mold remediation including drywall removal and reinstallation.
  • Here at Love Cleaning Services we are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of the service provided by any of our certified technicians. Call Love Cleaning Services today we would Love to attend to all your carpet repair needs!
    Reliable Professionals
    1. Hot Steam Extraction Method
    2. IICRC Certified Technicians
    3. 7 State-of-The-Art Truck Mounts
    4. Encapsulation Cleaning
    5. 30 Day Guarantee
    6. Commercial - Residential
    Reliable Professionals
    1. Stripping
    2. Cleaning
    3. Sealing
    4. Grout Color Matching & Repair
    5. Counter top Tile Cleaning
    6. Bath & Shower Walls
    7. Saltillo Tile Complete Strip and Seal
    24/7 Emergency Response
    1. Structural Dry Out
    2. Sewer Damage Clean Up
    3. Pull Wet Carpet & Pad
    4. Moisture & Humidity Sensors
    5. Water and Flood damage
    6. Structural Cleaning
    7. Removal of Property & Storage
    8. 24/7 Emergency Response
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